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Conflict Resolved

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

The passing away of my husband who was throughout his lifetime was pious and God-fearing, with whom I had shard a peaceful life for two decades, compelled me to draw two conclusions. They were (1) all earthly pleasures are transient. (2) To me God is not merciful.

A friend of mine in order to console me took me for a bhajan which was conducted at a devotee’s house under the auspices of the Sree Rama Devi Bhaktha Mandali, Udipi.

A twelve hours’ akhanda Ram Nam yajna was in full swing. I felt that I had come to a new world. The atmosphere was of devotion. The melodious notes of Ram Nam sung in chorus, had a marvelous effect on me. The lighted lamp adorned by garlands of multicoloured flowers attracted my attention. Charmed by the grandeur of floral decorations on the lamp, I was staring at it when I had a singular experience. The lamp was suddenly transformed into the blissful form of a very divine being, a venerated Mother in a sitting posture, which had the exact resemblance of Sri Rama Devi’s photograph worshipped by the devotees. My body vibrated with the thrill of experience.

My friend gave me an interesting narration about the various supernatural powers of Mother and also how She was widely acclaimed and worshipped as a divine incarnation. The singular experience which I had on the first day, lent support to her view. But within me there was a lurking doubt because the tutelary deity to whom our entire family was devoted was Ganapathy. The very thought of the captivating form of the Mother which was imprinted in my mind would be sufficient to transport my mind to a region of exaltation. But the idol of my chosen deity whom I have been regularly worshipping for years together was equally evoking love, reverence and adoration.

In such a frame of my mind, one auspicious Gokulashtami day I was sitting in my shrine room, just before starting the midday worship. My mind drifted into meditative mood. With closed eyes, I was concentrating on my ishta devatha when in a powerful beam of light I beheld the radiant form of Mother, Her hand raised in benediction.
In that I visualized the beautiful form of Ganapathy, indicating thereby, that Mother was identical with Supreme Being manifesting various aspects of divinity including Ganapathy.

The experiences granted to me by Mother intensified my longing to have Her darshan. By this time I had no doubt as to Her divinity. In fact my chosen deity and my sadguru were identified with the Mother whom I saw in my visions.

My first darshan of Her took place at Mangalore during a flag hoisting ceremony. She looked exactly similar to the Mother of various visions. I felt safe in protection of the universal Mother who has descended in our midst taking on Herself the role of sadguru. The inner path which She prescribed to me appeared to be smooth and easy because it was illumined by love. As against the customary life of seclusion imposed by widowhood, I now courageously started associating myself with all the activities of the mandali with new strength and determination.

– Smt. Sharada Mallya

Did you let go?

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Last week Mingyur Rinopoche spoke at Google. He is a highly respected teacher and master of Tibetan Buddhism and the author of the Joy of Living. He asked if there was anyone in the audience without problems. And of course no hand went up. That he said is the suchness of life, the essential humanity. In fact without problems, our life would be uninteresting. How do we then deal with our every day problems of life?

Divine Mother tells us “Be tranquil. Be patient. Never curse your fate when trials and tribulations visit you. Adverse circumstances, trying situations, difficulties and stupendous problems may come. What of that! They are part of life. Dynamism and vitality are the nature of life. The wall has no problem. A corpse has no problem. You are Siva, not Shava. Be up and doing. Remain unpertrubed. That is the strength of bhakti. Your dutifulness and dharma should turn your face to God.” (from Whispers from Solitude, Mother’s teachings in her own words)

Today is Guru Purnima. The supreme duty of a disciple is to have trust in the Guru’s words, have faith, and let go. It is not blind faith that Divine Mother is asking from us. She encourages us to question and push back. But once that deep conviction comes to us our faith becomes unshakeable.

I want to leave you with a quote I saw in a Lululemon (yoga clothing) store. That is an unlikely source of divine inspiration. But your lessons for life can come from anywhere.

In the end what matters is
did you live well
did you love well
did you let go…………………..

Put your faith in your Guru, receive his or her grace, and learn to let go………

Jai Matha!


Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi – Re-emergence of Divinity Part 2

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Once Sree Tara Devi after giving spiritual instructions to a disciple expressed, “A thought came to me and I said within myself “O Deva! The children whom you have drawn to your fold this time are devoid of the wealth of tapas to their credit, then how can they reach freedom?

Suddenly there arose in me, the bhava of the imperious Shakthy and I said; Well, I will take everyone, all those who have taken shelter in My feet to the highest abode of Mine, entering which there is no more reversion to mortality. She and I are one. Yet there is sweetness in remaining as a devotee.” Further, She exhorted “The mighty stream of divine grace is flowing on earth. Doubt not, take a plunge. You will be carried to the Eternal beatitude.”

16th June 1979, should be written in letters of gold. For, on that day the Divinity of Sree Tara Devi was publically declared.

A special nine days worship of Divine Mother, with the traditional Bhadra Deepam lighted for Sree Lalitha Ashtothara archana, was initiated in Shakthinagar from Sunday the 9th June 1979. Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi Herself lighted the Deepam, performed the archana and inaugurated the invocatory pooja at Matrunilayam. Every day, Sree Tara Devi came to Matrunilayam to perform the archana.

One day, after the archana was over, she was in divya Bhava. She applied kumkum on everybody’s forehead. On another day, She, in the identity of Divine Mother raised Her both hands in a gesture of blessings uttering “Ashirvadam, ashirvadam”.

Deeply moved by that manifested presence, many sobbed. As days thus went by, more and more facets of Divine Mother started manifesting in Her. The worship released tremendous spiritual power. The last three days, that is 15th, 16th and 17th June, found Her manifest the bhava of Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi in greater degree. On Friday, the 15th June Sree Tara Devi came to the hall in a majestic bhava of inner absorption. As She proceeded with archana, he plunged into Samadhi. With a hidden smile playing on Her lips, She sat serene and majestic. Women devotees now praised the Almighty Mother with appropriate songs. Intervening in the song, She gave hints of Her avataric manifestation on earth.

Saturday, the 16th was the day of Supreme revelation. On that day, in the beginning of the Archana itself, Sree Tara Devi went into samadhi and divya bhava. In that bhava itself She waved Arathi to the Deepam.

She then went into the adjoining room and waved arati before the portrait of Shri Bhagavan. Respectful homage got mingled with poignant memories and the scene stirred every heart.

She then sat on Her usual seat, eyes closed and both palms with Devi mudra resting on Her knees. Devotees offered flowers and garlands to Her Lotus Feet and paid obeisance to Her. As the devotees sang praises of Divine Mother Durga, She got up abruptly, went near the sofa and stood facing the devotees. That stately bearing, with Her left hand resting on Her waist, and the right hand resting on the sofa, evoked wonder and adoration.

In the midst of the bhajan, She went into ecstasy, went behind Mother’s portrait (Maha samadhi photo)and stood holding the portrait with the left hand and revealing the Abhaya Mudra in the right hand. Now gracious, now serious and now dignified with a smile blooming on Her lips. Her imperious bhava was a combination of Her Transcendental splendours as Devi the supreme Shakti and the compassion of Her human incarnation as our beloved Divine Mother. A divine nada emanated from Her.

That nada awakened the devotees. She then walked towards the shrine of Matrunilayam, where the sacred Gurupadukas are normally kept for worship. Tara Devi adorned the “Peetam” in Her regal splendour in the auspicious posture of Devi Sree Lalithambika.

It was a supreme revelation. There She sat as the imperious Divine Mother Sree Lalitha, the all merciful, the Mother of the Universe, radiating compassion and strength and affording grace and protection to Her Bhakthas. We found ourselves in the paradise, enjoying the blissful companionship and love of God.

In divine ecstasy, Devi tore off the flowers from the garlands that adorned Her, and showered on the gathering the “pushpa vrishti’. It was a soul-entrancing darshan. It was now 9.30 a.m. In the same exalted state, Devi abruptly got up from Her Throne and walked upstairs in majestic and measured steps.

She commanded everyone to follow Her. Mother then took Her seat on a cot kept in the very same place where Divine Mother Sree Rama Devi attained Mahasamadhi. Her imperious Bhava changed into a Bhava of gentleness and tenderness. She revealed Herself as the Mother of infinite love and compassion, with tear-filled eyes, all sat before Her, and poignant silence brooding over the entire area.

Then Mother spoke. In gentle but firm tones, in a voice reflecting the sorrow of Motherly heart, She disclosed the purpose of Her special manifestation and also the Divinity of (Akka – Sree Tara Devi). It was a declaration, a sermon of wisdom, a commandment, an inspiring exhortation, a hope giving advice all in one. We saw before us, the Mother Sree Rama Devi who has been with us for decades, Mother who loved and toiled and suffered for us, the Mother who took upon Herself all the sins of Her children, the Mother whose samadhi itself was a scene of supreme sacrifice.

Here are some of the experiences of Divine Mother Sree Tara Devi in Her own words after the manifestation of Divinity.

“Whenever I close my eyes, light overpowers Me and simultaneously, I leave this physical body, and soar up to higher planes. I reach the highest Abode of Devi. I behold Her Divine form, and at once I become one with Her. Becoming one with Her means not merely a loss of my Identity, I become She.

When I step into the mandir, I see everything enveloped in a blaze of light-light, light, light. No shrine, no deity, no worshipper, no worship-light and light alone.

From my deep absorption in the transcendent, I emerge; but then, for a while, I do not apprehend the plane of existence, the loka. Slowly, I come to know, this is the human universe.

When I speak, suddenly the mighty voice of God supervenes and begins to speak. I see clearly the surface being relegated to a corner, and the Divine functioning directly.
Mind at once merges in the infinite. Universe is a mere speck. I stretch beyond it. A link is there which I can, at any time, break.

I feel sometimes, I have a Divine body with eight arms and these arms, with the weapons and other things they wield are incessantly engaged in activity. I do see them also and their functions. These hands function in unlimited spheres; they have a feature of omnipresence.”

These experiences of Sree Tara Devi enrich the mystical lore and India’s spiritual heritage. Despite Her humility and Her eagerness to maintain the loving relationship with Her beloved Deva, Godhood used to assert itself in Tara Devi, transcending the dualism of love.

Let us all sing Her praises – O Devi, in Thy daring dynamism, in Thy moves against forces of darkness, Thou art verily Devi Sree Chandika. Be Thou victorious in our Hearts. Let the obstacles be crushed under the wheels of Thy chariot. Let Thy flag flutter high over the world, proclaiming Thy reign, Thy Godhood and Thy Gospels.