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Jyoti of Peace

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

The first darshan of the Divine Mother is still fresh in my memory. The bewitching smile, those soul probing eyes, the understanding look! How is one to put into words the beautiful form that met the wistful eyes? The very atmosphere seemed to ring with peaceful notes. The past was forgotten. It was a solemn occasion in the inspiring atmosphere charged with spirituality. Here was a presence which was totally different from any other human being. Here was a magnetic force which at once seemed to kindle free and true understanding. A feeling of peace and assurance takes possession of the heart. A longing to frequent the inspiring presence, an enthusiasm in life, unknown before, comes of its own.

After having many darshans of Mother one is equally able to emerge from a broken down life to one of real living. Entangled as man is in the wrap and weft of life, he longs for and exerts himself to get happiness. It is said that he is a happy man who is happy in the mind in the midst of troubles and sufferings; whose mind is calm and free from desires. This state of mind cannot be achieved all by himself. The Sadguru alone can bring a man to it.

It is difficult to explain here how those purifying darshans of Mother act on one. The very outlook on life, changes. Charcoal is jet black, yet it changes its colour into brilliant red in fire. So also does the very nature of one who has had Mother’s darshan change. The fire of pure knowledge that Mother imparts to Her devotees burns the impurities away. One is able to keep the mind filled with noble thoughts. The undesirable qualities, like a forgotten fire dies out for lack of fueling. By Her very presence She rids the hearts of people of their base and unbridled instincts.

She imparts Her advice to persons according their ability to receive them. To those burdened with household duties, or to those who are burdened by a large family, Mother has the fitting advice to give, so that parents no more feel that children are a burden to them, but they thenceforth understand that children are also a means of salvation to them. Mother’s brilliant and masterly discourses work miraculous changes in Her devotees. Mother has awakened the sleeping soul to its true, immortal and blissful nature. What inspiring and encouraging words pour forth from those divine lips ! With what love and patience Mother leads those who come to Her, out of the labyrinth of their own frailties, and point out to them the way to God! No one but Mother could evince such large-heartedness; there is none as magnanimous as She is. She is so gentle and benign, yet so regal and majestic, forceful and dynamic. She has lit the jyoti of peace and love in so many homes, and by Her unceasing love and efforts is leading us along the path of righteousness, to that goal of everlasting peace !

Mother’s love is the greatest security. One finds a safe refuge in that genuine love, a love which is beyond comparison. She is our saviour, guide and Mother all in one. It is a perpetual inspiration to be with Mother and one cannot be long in Her presence without feeling that the greatest peace is not to be found in evanescent fleeting things of the world, but in something more precious, the realization of the Atma or Self. A determination to achieve this end, a Shakthi to follow the right path is to be got by that holy darshan. An incentive to work for the right ideal establishes itself in one’s heart. One is hardly able to suppress the exuberant heavenly happiness that surges up in Her presence.

Mother’s mercy is illimitable. Her favour is immeasurable; instilling hope in many a depressed minds, bringing comfort to many a suffering soul, and above all transforming one’s very outlook on life, to one of hope, joy and bliss. The holy Mother’s greatness is difficult to comprehend. In misfortune and adversity, in times of want, Mother reveals Herself to Her devotees and guide them along the true path. The divine Mother’s Face shines like the full moon; but it does not wane. It illumines the devotee’s hearts – where there was despair, desolation and dejection, newborn hope, joy and peace abide after the holy darshan.

Blessed indeed is the place hallowed by Mother’s holy feet, sacred are the words falling from those divine lips, and yet more blessed are they who are recipients of Her grace, they who sit at those lotus feet accepting eagerly those brilliant flashes of profoundest wisdom. Surely they lead an invigorated life, an entirely new life after the holy darshan.

– Smt. H. Ramani, B.A.