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The Presence in Shrine

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

– Smt. Machingal Balakrishna Menon (1961).

That was on a holiday. My friend reminded me that Sadguru Sri Rama Devi was holding a bhajan that evening at the Asthika Samaj Hall, Matunga. Though I did not know where the Asthika Samaj Hall was or who Sadguru Sri Rama Devi was, that information gave me joy as I was fond of bhajans and kirtans. As evening approached I took a seat below the dais in the hall. I was at once attracted by Mother’s demeanour, fascinating smile and all-engrossing bhava in the bhajan. As the bhajan progressed, the hall resounded with the mantric rhythm “Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram”. Mother gradually entered into Samadhi. I could palpably feel that there was a sudden change in the atmosphere. With the return of Mother from Samadhi the bhajan ended. I left the hall with tears in my eyes and deep respect and love for her.

The echoes of the mantric hymn were provoking fresh ideas and new hopes in my mind. Those were months when I was actually passing through the vale of sorrows. Perhaps it was the radiant love of Mother that prompted my sister to send me at that time the “Inspired Writings and Speeches” of sadguru. By her grace glimpses of eternal truth expounded in the book began to take vague forms in my mind. It was at that time I got the opportunity to get darshan of her who was staying at Parel in connection with some celebration. I was fortunate enough to get Nama Smarana from her, who explained to me in vivid terms the meaning of the mantric hymn. Mother impressed upon me that even a grahasta like me could attain mukti through japa and bhakti and by following her principles. Mother also assured me that my ailing husband would also go to her in due course.

Once again I had to resume my journey through grief stricken roads. I left Bombay for good and took up my residence at Trichur. The first thing I did was to search out Sri Rama Devi Mandali. After a couple of years’ prayer and japa, I began to feel that I was on the right path. As though to fulfil Mother’s words my husband also began to attend bhajans. Years rolled by. Many a time I had the good fortune to get darshan of Mother and to participate in the bhajan led by her. On the 19th of April 1960, at Mother’s residence at Mangalore I was taken into the fold of disciples by her. In my rejoicings, I felt that a great load was removed from my mind. It appeared to me that the load of worries and difficulties were lessening. Though I may not have made much spiritual progress, I could say for certain, that in life I had gained peace of mind and a lot of patience and love to all. I firmly believe that by her grace I would be able to serve her with all my ability and strength. I often felt it a great loss and mental pain if I were unable any day to pray and worship in the divine Mandir at Trichur. The idols of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna installed by Mother transmit waves of strength, peace and joy to all those who attend the bhajans in the Mandir. I may very humbly say here that my husband once experienced the living presence of our sadguru in the mantap. There are other devotees also who have experienced the living presence of Mother there. All-knowing Mother of the Universe, show us the path, lead us to the goal.


Monday, May 7th, 2012

 – Smt. Shusheelabai G. Prabhu (1961)

I heard first about Sadguru Sri Rama Devi from an acquaintance and well-wisher. This induced me to meet her. During my visit, I heard her melodious words of wisdom and for a short time I forgot the troublesome samsara. I was greatly enamoured of her personality which attracted me to her again.

Since the following day, I began to attend her bhajans (session of devotional singing). She thereafter initiated me with Rama Nama. I continued meditation and remembrance of Rama Nama from day to day. This continuity gave me a taste for the same. By and by, I began to finish my daily household work as soon as possible and began to sit for meditation and japa under some sort of internal direction.

On hearing the kirtans, replete with love and pathos, I felt an urge for invaluable discipleship. I actually spoke to Mother about it, and while doing so, I inwardly prayed to her to show me the path if she would lift me up. Mother then looked at me with a smile. After a few days I visited her residence. She blessed me with atmopadesh. I was placed on the path of inner spiritual life. I was enlightened. I was on the path of real happiness. Being desirous that others also should partake of the bliss I knew, I told my relations and sisters about the incarnation of the Mother in this world, and persuaded them to take advantage of this golden opportunity of her gracious presence. I took some of them to Mother. All of them derived benefit from her incomparable teachings and subtle spiritual vibrations. After one year, when she came again, she directed that the repetition of the divine name should be practiced in the course of the performance of duty. On hearing this, I started repetition of the name with renewed joy.

Following her advice, I am considering my husband as God and have been serving him as such. One morning I was rubbing oil on my husband’s head when I felt vibrations from Mother in an upsurge of devotion to my husband. I realized that one who practiced Mother’s teachings would surely experience her saving grace and unfailing protection.