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Sunday, July 29th, 2012

– Shankar (1961)

By the blessings of a few saints, I at last came to the feet of Sadguru Sri Rama Devi and on the seventeenth December 1950, my wife and I had the fortune of sitting before her for about two hours. For the first time, we felt the soul-elevating purity of divine love. She imparted to us the sacred Rama-mantra which was followed by an illuminating discourse, in language that can be understood by anyone. In a short while, the whole realm of spirituality was covered. Step by step, she described to us the nature of the ever-changing world around us, the mind and its mysteries, the struggle between good and evil, the pain and sorrow born of attachment and aversion, how the intellect gets clouded and the persistence of the ego, characterized by desire. Transcending all these, there is that which is ever present, which is referred to as truth, God, peace, silence, love. When the discourse was over, we found ourselves elevated.

The third of February 1951 was indeed momentous to my wife and me. Mother, kind and compassionate, took pity on us and gave us initiation. In deep silence, we heard the sacred mantra breathed into the ears by her. The experience I then had was greatest in my life. I later learnt that this was the experience of all her disciples during the initiation ceremony.

Initiation over, Japa she advised us in the conduct of our daily life, and gave instructions in the practice of japa and meditation. She told us that peace in home is possible only by adhering to respective dharma and diligent discharge of allotted duties. She inspiringly spoke on love. According to her, spirituality is founded on love. She asked us to resort to frequent introspection as step to self-purification. She wanted us to build internal safeguards by increasing self-awareness. She extolled discrimination as the crest jewel of qualities. She described home as the very temple of peace and the centre of spiritual dynamism.

Mother is verily love incarnate. She combines within herself the tenderness of motherhood, and the wisdom of a world teacher. As mother, she kindles the light of love in us. As sadguru she dispels the darkness of ignorance by imparting wisdom. With imperfect vision, the vast expanse of Mother’s heart full of love and compassion cannot be known. The complete surrender of ego is the only course open to us to achieve blissful merger in her lotus feet and to realize the purpose of life. May her grace abide with us.

Falling of the Flower

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

– Sri. Devadas Shedde. (1961)

It was about twenty years ago that I first saw Mother. We were at that time living in Mangalore. Residing at Tellicherry she used to visit Mangalore now and then. I vividly remember two or three such occasions which offered me darshan of her. During Bhajans she revealed states of ecstasy. She did not speak much but what little she spoke contained wisdom. The very mention of God’s name would send her into Samadhi. While in the state of super-consciousness, the sound of a conch used to emanate from her.

After about ten years I again saw her in Bombay in the early fifties. By that time, her spiritual ministry had progressed considerably. I had the opportunity to listen to her stirring discourses. I was thrown into a state of rapture and instinctively realized that her holy feet are the only asylum where I could find salvation.

My wife and I were initiated with the sacred Rama Manthra. It opened up new realms of spiritual experiences for both of us. We found peace and joy in our lives. One day Bhajan was in full swing. The whole congregation was rapt in the ecstatic repetition of lord’s name. Then the devotees, in higher pitch, started singing praises of Sadguru. The song ‘Sadguru, Sadguru-Satchidananda Guru’ was rending the air. I was all the while staring at the impressive oil painting of her. Just as the word             “Sachidananda” arose from hundreds of throats, a big bunch of flowers from the top of Mother’s painting, fell down with a plop. That confirmed my belief that Mother is sachidananda.

Shortly afterwards, both of us, my wife and I were initiated by her. After my initiation I have had several occasions to feel the working of her unseen hands. In troubles, whenever I am besieged by darkness, I concentrate my thoughts on her and compose my mind into a mood of surrender. Suddenly the light dawns, a way opens before me, and the troubles disappear. Her guidance and protection never fail me.