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Sunday, October 21st, 2012

 – Smt. Shakar Menon (1961)

When I was about fifteen years old, that is, when I was in the School Final Class, I first read the works of Swami Vivekananda. I read the whole work of seven volumes and whenever I read the chapters relating to My Master, discussion between the master and disciples, I used to feel, ‘had I but the good fortune to be living in the world when this God-man was living’ I should have considered my life blessed. I had earnest desire to sit at the feet of a real God-man.

The consummation of my long-cherished desire came true in due course. The Sadguru I had been longing for, came in the form of the Divine Mother, and in Mother, I saw the embodiment of everything. I had longed for. I had my first contact with Mother in the year 1951. In fact, Mother in her ever flowing grace, had already forestalled my thoughts, and had even graced my house, with her divine presence, even before I came to know of it.

This happened in a most unexpected manner. We were then staying at Trivandrum. We had then temporarily given our house at Trichur for occupation to Dr. H. U. Kamath. Mrs. Kamath was a devotee of Mother and she had invited Mother to bless her house with her divine presence. Thus it was, that even before our knowing Mother in person, she had already graced our house with her presence. How happy we were to hear about the news of Mother’s visit to our house from my sister and relatives at Trichur.

I received my initiation at Trichur at the hands of the Divine Mother, on the 2nd December, 1952, and ever since that date, I had always been trying my best to be a satsishya, a worthy disciple of Mother. I had been attending the weekly bhajans and the (nama yagnams) and following the discourses and precious advices given by Mother to the best of my ability. Mother had advised us to make every house a temple, and with this end in view, I had been assembling the members of my family every evening for common prayer and worship. Singing Ram Nam with my children and family assembled around me, I really feel a sense of elation and mental peace.

I had no so-called miracles or uncommon experiences to narrate. But I can truly say that Mother’s unseen hand was always guiding and helping me all through my life. In the year 1955, I fell a victim to a very dangerous disease that threatened my life and I was taken to Madras for operation and treatment. We left for Madras with prayers to Mother for help and guidance in a spirit of absolute surrender. Our prayers were really heard. All through the long crisis from the diagnosis of the disease through the operation and protracted treatment, Mother’s guiding hand was fully discernible. Weak and timid though I was, by nature, I felt as if a new strength and courage was given to me, and even the doctors complimented me for my equanimity and courage at the time of the operation. I lay confined to the hospital for about four months. Though I was ill, I did not feel life a suffering. On the other hand, I was always cheerful and never felt depressed. Hospital life, in fact, was pleasant to me. Every one was kind and considerate, and I had the company of very good friends. Oh! Mother, this was all due to you, and your grace alone!.


Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Editor, “ Hindustan ”(Sindhi Daily), Bombay 1961

As I sit to write this article, Mother Rama Devi’s radiant personality shedding light and lustre, stands before me. She is the perfect embodiment of love and devotion. She has a power which transforms others. There is an intense fervour in her. She speaks with a vigour that shakes you to your depths. Her smile is bewitching. Her intent look thrills you. Her touch electrifies you. Like all the great gurus, she holds the key to “The Luminous World” a world of love and ecstasy, of joy and anand. She unveils the mystery of creation and unfolds the purpose of our life. When her grace descends we are transported to regions celestial. The blaze of her spiritual fire enthralls us. Such is Mother – a glittering star in the vast limitless spiritual firmament.

I first came into contact with her in 1957 when she visited Bombay. My wife and I met her at a disciple’s house in Parel. At that time she was addressing a small gathering and was speaking with great force. I kept gazing at her, and I think she also looked intently on me. As time went on, her speech became more and more vigorous, till suddenly I found she had gone into Samadhi. It was an inspiring sight; an air of peace and serenity surrounded her. She looked majestic and seemed to have passed into a world of peace and bliss – a world which was not visible to our mortal eyes. When she came down to her normal consciousness, after nearly half an hour, she was a picture of joy. She resumed her discourse and spoke with unique spiritual fervour. My only regret was that I could not follow her fully in the language she was speaking. Suddenly I noticed that she started speaking in English, with a vigour all her own. Although her knowledge of English was very limited she could convey profound spiritual truths. I marveled at her magnetic personality. Later when I took leave of her, I could see that she had bound me down to her with a bond of deep love and affection.

I saw her in Samadhi a number of times, but each time she revealed to me a new aspect of her personality. The form of her samadhi also varied according to her mood of the moment. I could see that she was going into samadhi, sometimes while sitting, sometimes while standing, and sometimes even in the ecstasies of song or discourse.

A day before she was scheduled to leave Bombay, I sought a personal interview of her. My wife and two other friends also accompanied me. Even in that personal interview, while speaking of God, she went off in samadhi. When she came back to the plane of consciousness, she said that it was easy for her to slip into samadhi but she had to struggle hard to come down to this earth plane again.

Towards the end of 1958, I along with my wife undertook a journey to Mangalore where Mother resided. Unfortunately when I was scheduled to leave, I fell ill. But I wrote to her that I was leaving Bombay relying on her protection. It was curious that when I got into the plane, all the while I seemed to feel her presence and her protective hand on me. When we met her, after the usual greetings, the first thing she enquired was if I felt her presence during the journey. I could then see how she could project herself into far-off space to look after her devotees.

We felt we had again come to the Mother from whom we had parted for a time. We departed after reverentially offering our pranaams to Mother and Bhagwan.

I felt the effect of the blessings of Mother and Bhagwan that night. I quote from my Diary, dated 25-12-1958 :

“That night I seemed to be floating in a sea of Love and Bliss. It was a lovely experience, the effect of which continued even when I got into the steamer next day. A little after 2am that night as I was lying in my cabin, moon seemed to be inviting me to come out. I moved out. It was ravishing sight. I was lost in reverie. I do not know how long I sat in that mood but when I returned to my cabin, it was early morning. I felt as refreshed as ever. ”