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Far-reaching Protection

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

– Sri Hiranand Karmamchand (1961)
Editor, “ Hindustan ”(Sindhi Daily), Bombay

As I sit to write this article, Mother Rama Devi’s radiant personality shedding light and lustre, stands before me. She is the perfect embodiment of love and devotion. She has a power which transforms others. There is an intense fervour in her. She speaks with a vigour that shakes you to your depths. Her smile is bewitching. Her intent look thrills you. Her touch electrifies you. Like all the great gurus, she holds the key to “The Luminous World” a world of love and ecstasy, of joy and anand. She unveils the mystery of creation and unfolds the purpose of our life. When her grace descends we are transported to regions celestial. The blaze of her spiritual fire enthralls us. Such is Mother – a glittering star in the vast limitless spiritual firmament.

I first came into contact with her in 1957 when she visited Bombay. My wife and I met her at a disciple’s house in Parel. At that time she was addressing a small gathering and was speaking with great force. I kept gazing at her, and I think she also looked intently on me. As time went on, her speech became more and more vigorous, till suddenly I found she had gone into Samadhi. It was an inspiring sight; an air of peace and serenity surrounded her. She looked majestic and seemed to have passed into a world of peace and bliss – a world which was not visible to our mortal eyes. When she came down to her normal consciousness, after nearly half an hour, she was a picture of joy. She resumed her discourse and spoke with unique spiritual fervour. My only regret was that I could not follow her fully in the language she was speaking. Suddenly I noticed that she started speaking in English, with a vigour all her own. Although her knowledge of English was very limited she could convey profound spiritual truths. I marveled at her magnetic personality. Later when I took leave of her, I could see that she had bound me down to her with a bond of deep love and affection.

I saw her in Samadhi a number of times, but each time she revealed to me a new aspect of her personality. The form of her samadhi also varied according to her mood of the moment. I could see that she was going into samadhi, sometimes while sitting, sometimes while standing, and sometimes even in the ecstasies of song or discourse.

A day before she was scheduled to leave Bombay, I sought a personal interview of her. My wife and two other friends also accompanied me. Even in that personal interview, while speaking of God, she went off in samadhi. When she came back to the plane of consciousness, she said that it was easy for her to slip into samadhi but she had to struggle hard to come down to this earth plane again.

Towards the end of 1958, I along with my wife undertook a journey to Mangalore where Mother resided. Unfortunately when I was scheduled to leave, I fell ill. But I wrote to her that I was leaving Bombay relying on her protection. It was curious that when I got into the plane, all the while I seemed to feel her presence and her protective hand on me. When we met her, after the usual greetings, the first thing she enquired was if I felt her presence during the journey. I could then see how she could project herself into far-off space to look after her devotees.

We felt we had again come to the Mother from whom we had parted for a time. We departed after reverentially offering our pranaams to Mother and Bhagwan.

I felt the effect of the blessings of Mother and Bhagwan that night. I quote from my Diary, dated 25-12-1958 :

“That night I seemed to be floating in a sea of Love and Bliss. It was a lovely experience, the effect of which continued even when I got into the steamer next day. A little after 2am that night as I was lying in my cabin, moon seemed to be inviting me to come out. I moved out. It was ravishing sight. I was lost in reverie. I do not know how long I sat in that mood but when I returned to my cabin, it was early morning. I felt as refreshed as ever.”


Sunday, December 16th, 2012

– Sri. K. P. Sankunni Nair (1961)

Prostration at the feet of Mother. I am prompted to write on how I became a disciple of Mother. My mind was very much dejected for I was not successful in my efforts for getting admission into the order of sanyasa at Rishikesh. I was thinking of going to Trivandrum, or Kanhangad, to join one of the Ashramas there. It was then that I got a book, the author of which is Mrs. T. N. K. Nair. The name of the book is “From Darkness Unto Light”. From that book, I came to know, the author’s personal experiences about Mother Sree Sadguru Rama Devi. That book brought light to my mind. I made up my mind to see Mother. The then Agent, of Jayalaxmi Bank, Mr. M. S. Rao, instructed me to go to Mangalore, to see Mother. I had my first darsan of Mother at Mangalore, on the 5th March 1954. I saw her majestic figure. When I first saw her, I thought I was having darsan of Raja Rajeswari, to whom I used to perform pooja everyday. When I prostrated at her lotus feet, she touched me on my head. I am unable to describe what I felt then. I felt that I was not on earth. After some time, I was asked to get up. I have read in the Holy Bible that when a man went to Jesus and when Jesus touched him, there was a sudden change in him. I felt as such, when Mother touched me. She asked me, whether, I was performing “Sree Chakra Pooja”. I said yes. Then she asked me, whether I had been to Rishikesh, to become a sanyasi. To this also, I replied in the affirmative. She explained to me, that one can have Atmanubhooti, even as a householder. I was very much enlightened, on hearing this from Mother. I requested Mother to initiate me, and take me as one of her disciples. Mother was pleased. Accordingly, I was initiated, the next day on 6th December 1954. That day was Guruvayoor Ekadashi, and Mother served me with prasadam. She took me to the meditation room and within half or one hour, the initiation ceremony was over. The significance of that occasion cannot be explained in words. When that was over, I became a refreshed man. My mind became very calm. From that day onwards, I have been doing Japa and meditation, with great zeal and find that the bliss and ecstasy I enjoy is indescribable. Such are the powers of Mother. On the day of my initiation, there was a bhajan in Mangalore bhajan hall. That day, Mother came up suddenly, from the ground-floor, and told the devotees, that she was going to give discourse in Malayalam, because I happened to be the only Malayalee there. I told Mother that I can understand their language and the discourse could be delivered in their own language. But, Mother insisted, and spoke in Malayalam. To my utter surprise, I later on learnt that everyone of those present, were able to understand all that Mother spoke, in Malayalam. Mother is very kind and good-natured. I have never requested her to save me from any of the worldly affairs and I am not willing to do so. Mother knows what I am in need of, and I know that I will have it by her grace, at the appropriate time. I have surrendered everything to Mother.

Complete self-surrender to Mother and following her instructions to the very word will enable one realize oneself. Mother initiates into the method of meditation (Dhyanam); enjoins the performance of nama japa; and gives instructions upon conduct. The teaching of Mother extols Pathivratha dharma for women. The wife should regard her husband as God.

Mother I believe is an incarnation of Parashakthi.