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Sunday, March 24th, 2013

 – SRI & SMT.E.P.G.MENON (1961)

Here is one of the many instances of Mother’s kripakataksha. In August 1955, while our son was staying with our sister and brother-in-law at Trichur for schooling, he got a very serious attack of tetanus poisoning. The malady was detected at a rather late stage and in spite of the best possible medical help; even the Civil Surgeon at the Trichur hospital (incidentally an uncle of ours) had lost hopes of his survival. Tetanus poisoning is a disease in which the patient’s pains are increased by the slightest sound or by the feeblest light. Consequently our son was lying on a cot which was heavily curtained. However, even when suffering crucial pains, he used to get relief only when someone used to repeat Ram Nam in his ears; so he used to request somebody standing nearby to chant Ram Nam.

Our son’s condition was worsening and the doctors told our sister and brother-in-law that they might inform the boy’s parents of his serious and almost hopeless condition. The only person who was confident that our son will survive was our brother-in-law, because he had complete faith in Mother; all others lost hope and very much worried. That evening one of the disciples of Mother came to the hospital and told our son that the previous day he had written to Mother informing her about his serious illness and that this letter might have reached by this afternoon, and by her grace he would be alright. At night the doctors and nurses came and examined our son and told our brother-in-law that the end is fast approaching and they must be prepared for the worst. Our brother-in-law, sister and other relatives sat near him and started chanting Ram Nam. The boy was restless, suffering from acute pains. The frequency of the spasms increased. Then he cried out to Mother “Why are you making your child suffer so much ”. Afterwards he became quiet and fell asleep. Next morning, when he woke up, he was completely cured of the illness. All were wonderstruck at this sudden recovery, especially the doctors and nurses. They characterized this as a typical case of “faith cure”, which they were witnessing for the first time in their lives.

Later on, when we went to Trichur, we asked our son about the sufferings he had at the hospital. He then told us that on the night when he called out to Mother in his pains and thereafter fell asleep, he remembers to have had a vision of her sitting beside him and massaging his body. He is confident that his disease was cured by her grace.

With Shyamsunder

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

– Kumari Sushila (1961)

Fifteen years ago, there entered into my sorrow laden life, a redeeming force, whom the world acclaims as Mother. Those divine hands lifted me from the mire of samsara, and vouchsafed to me grace and protection.

I had no knowledge of her spiritual attainments when I went to her. But, the kind and loving treatment which she meted out to all alike revealed the largeness of her heart and breadth of her vision. Her overflowing love captivated me. In her was inescapable attraction and irresistible spiritual power.

Her presence evokes a child-like attitude and that is precisely the reason why everyone irrespective of his age spontaneously addresses her as mother. Her inherent divinity and infinite love are those of the universal mother. In her benign look there is the assurance of protection. Manifested in her is also the majesty of her omnipotence. Her love is to all. Her inspiring words gave themes for contemplation, also her stately bhavas and wondrous samadhi.

Her state of ecstasy reminded one of the days of Sri Chaitanya Deva. Her touch was sufficient to make the devotee share the ecstasy of her bhavas.

Once during bhajan, when in the exalted bhava of Lord Krishna, she placed her hand on a devotee who was an intimate friend of mine. Suddenly the devotee was thrown into an ecstatic state. Exclaiming “Light, Light” she lost her body consciousness. There was unusual calmness on her countenance and she remained in that state for over one and half hours.

To the surprise of all, the lingering fragrance in the room was intensified. All were thrown into intoxicating rapture.

Even though the devotee was brought back from the state of ecstasy by the touch of Mother, still she was in an ecstatic mood for some days. Her indrawn eyes, her indifference to the external sense world, her aloofness, showed that her mind was preoccupied. Afterwards, relating to me her experience the devotee told me that when Mother touched her, two beams of light emanated and entered her body, throwing her frame into an electrifying ecstasy.

Hearing my friends narration, an intense desire arose in me to have vision of Lord Krishna. I whole-heartedly prayed to Mother who was none other than Lord Krishna for me, to reveal herself to me in the form of Krishna. The compassionate Mother granted my prayer. When it was midnight some unseen hand shook me and woke me up. I felt an urge for meditation. Within a few minutes my mind rose towards a blue light, in which I saw the blissful form of Mother, which in the next moment changed into the enchanting form of Shyamsunder.