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Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

 – Sri. Ramanuja Menon (1961)

One day, a friend of ours came and told my wife and me that Sadguru Sri Rama Devi of Tellicherry was at Pushpagiri Park holding spiritual discourses and bhajans. He was very keen, that we should go there and be blessed with the Mother’s darshan. To tell the truth we rather ignored his words at first. Though we were religious by nature we were not seriously in quest of a guru. But there was inner urge prompting us to go and see the Mother and so we accompanied our friend. We reached the beautiful mansion, Pushpagiri Park and joined the large gathering of devotees in the big hall awaiting Mother’s darshan.

A few minutes went by when all rose from their seats and we had the first sight of Mother. Even from that distance to our bewildering joy, a tender glance of blessing was directed towards us. Mother’s sweet smile burst on us, enrapturing us. Mother had not spoken to us but in a single moment she had drawn us to her in reverential surrender.

We returned home. We were filled with the thought of her. It brought waves of joy. We longed for the next day to dawn so that we could again see her. We became her humble worshippers; later we became her disciples. Numerous are the instances of her boundless blessing and love for us. A word of prayer was enough and she hastened to give succour. To our mothers who were ailing, we believe, she granted eternal peace, when their ends came.

In the path of life when tribulations beset us, infinite is her love, infinite her patience and understanding. Out of all troubles and trials, her unerring guidance leads us on, illumining our path. To us she is the great Mother-Bhagawathy, the be-all and end-all of our existence. No other divinity exists for us.

In the sublime shrine at Trichur where Mother had installed Sri Rama and Krishna, we feel the divine sakthi of Mother as we feel nowhere else. Many times we attained the needed solace and peace in that holy shrine, making us realise the divine presence there. Our humble prayers are to make us purer and purer that we may live a life of complete surrender dedicated to the service of Mother.