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At the Ebb

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014


My mind goes back to the momentous year 1947. As it was a year of national importance, so was it of personal significance to me since it was the year when I came into contact with Sadguru Sri Ramadevi. My life was beset with trials and tribulations. From my agonized life, faith in God was ebbing away.

It was at that time that I happened to hear about Mother. Longing to have darsan I was not bold enough to seek the permission of my husband to go to Mother. He generally did not favour the idea of my going out for bhajans.

I resorted to silent prayer. One fine morning, to my surprise my husband himself asked me to go to Mother and told me that I might find peace. My faith in divine mercy returned to me.

As soon as I was in the bhajan hall in the house of the Mother, fragrance greeted me. Surrounded by devotees sat Mother in holy communion. The majesty of the presence connoted divinity.

From that day my affinity for Mother grew. She brought about a radical change in my life, seeing which, my husband was greatly surprised. My husband took ill owing to nervous breakdown. In a state of agony I wept and prayed before the photo of Mother. “ O refuge of the miserable, the protector of devotees, desert me not.”

The gate of my house was heard being opened. It was Mother who was approaching. Smiling she walked straight-away into our house. She did not remain for long. She blessed my husband and assured relief. That was enough. There was no more cause of grief. Within a few days my husband recovered. It was a wonder to medical men who were treating him.