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Dropping Flower

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

 – Smt.K.Vimala Nanjappa

I had not heard about Divine Mother till 1958. It is really my fortune that no sooner I came to know about her, she entered into my life. She works changes in her destined devotees and disciples, to bring them nearer to her, with increased faith in the divine sakthi.

For a very long time, I was suffering from acute stomach pain, which could not be cure at Mercara, in spite of the best medical attention. So I was taken by my husband to Bangalore, where I was advised to undergo a major operation. The operation was over and I returned to Mercara. But I was no better. My condition had worsened.

One day I was very serious and my husband had lost all hopes of my survival. I was shifted to the Civil Hospital, Mercara, where I was advised to undergo one more operation. My mother, who was attending on me in the hospital, told me that regular Bhajans are being conducted by Sree Rama Devi Bhakta Mandali in Mercara and that I should determine to attend a bhajan and offer a pooja there on my getting completely cured. Meanwhile, one staff nurse, who is a staunch devotee of the Divine Mother, came to my room to give me medicine. Seeing her my mother told me that the nurse is also attending the Bhajans. When the nurse heard this, she too began to talk about the Divine Mother and impressed upon me about the sakthi of the Divine Mother. After about 15 minutes she left the room on duty. To my great surprise, no sooner had she left the room, I felt completely relieved of all my pain. My curiosity to know more and more about this great Sakthi increased. Next time when the nurse came to my room I got more information about the Mother. The kind nurse, the true devotee of the Divine Mother, used to come often to my room to talk about the greatness of the Divine Mother.

After three days I was taken to the operation theatre to undergo another operation. The doctor once again examined me and to my surprise they told me that the operation was not at all necessary and that I would be discharged from the hospital within a week. The nurse had taken me, in spirit, though not bodily, very near the Mother. I was getting better and better day by day. I was not taking any medicine that was prescribed for me in the hospital. Talking about Mother, hearing about Mother and thinking about Mother were my medicines.

On the fourth day of my discharge from the hospital, accompanied by my mother, I went to Smt. Shantakka’s house, with fruits and flowers as offerings to Divine Mother. There was no bhajan on that day. But when the fruits and flowers were placed before Divine Mother’s Photo as offering by me, a flower dropped down from Divine Mother’s photo. Smt. Shantakka assured me that it was a sign of Divine Mother’s grace and I was going to be perfectly alright soon.

A few days after this, suddenly on one day, I became seriously ill. My husband and children gathered round me in a sorrowful mood. Seeing the plight of my husband and children, suddenly I uttered the words ‘ Oh Sadguru Mata.’ To the surprise of my husband, within a few minutes I was completely alright. Seeing this my husband was convinced about the Sakthi of the Divine Mother and he himself advised me to attend the bhajans regularly. He was not allowing me to go for Bhajans, before this, to prevent strain on my weak body and because the bhajan hall is two miles away from my house. I was overjoyed at his change.