– Sri M.Sankaranarayana Rao

One of the momentous experiences of my life was on a visit to Mother’s home in Tellicherry at the instance of my elder sister. I was accompanied by my wife. The atmosphere in the house completely captured us.

It was the holy Ashad Ekadasi day, observance of which was marked by a bhajan. At 4 P.M. Mother, in shining raiments, came upstairs and started bhajan. The bhajan increased in tempo and went on with great fervour, in the midst of which, I was thrilled, when Mother took up the refrain “ Radhe govinda.” Mother’s rendering was accompanied by ecstatic movements of her gracious person.

On the wall opposite was hung a portrait of Gouranga Mahaprabhu, with his devotees dancing ecstatically, singing keertans. The divine atmosphere which we experienced was similar to what was depicted in the picture.

It was not only a rare experience for all of us, but some of those who had gathered there began to dance enraptured and some even shed profuse tears of joy. From her ecstasy Mother went into deep samadhi and sat motionless like the statue of Lord Buddha.

In pleasing contrast to her ecstasies in bhajan was the simplicity with which she served refreshments thereafter. The refreshments were not only tasty but full of fragrance. The alacrity with which she came forward to dry our washed hands showed her humility. She made us feel that we were known to her previously.

While leaving the house that day, an irresistible power made me prostrate before Mother and Bhagawan. She came with us up to the main entrance and said : “ Let there be love. Do not forget. Come again.” These words of Mother were often ringing in our ears.

This whole experience was revolving in our minds after our return home. Two days after the first darshan, when we were conversing about her, in our house, fourteen miles away from Tellicherry, the fragrance of sandal and camphor which we experienced on that day of our memorable visit to Mother’s home, filled the entire room where we were sitting.

We went to Tellicherry for the second time a few days later. During sankirtan, we saw Mother in Krishna Bhava, inferable from her attitude and gesture of playing the mystic flute. In that mood she moved towards the pooja room the doors of which were closed by means of a chain, mysteriously opened by themselves, before our own eyes. Entering the pooja room, she fondled an idol of Sri Krishna, reminiscent of Yasoda fondling her divine baby, Nandalal, as described in the Bhagavath Purana.

I was more and more attracted by Mother and began attending her bhajans almost regularly. I began to take life more seriously than hitherto.

In Mother I found exemplified her own teaching and her lofty concept of duty, which included unfailing hospitality to guests, irrespective of their number, and the time of their arrival ; ministering to the spiritual needs of her devotees ; and wifely devotion and service to Bhagawan. The dexterity which she showed in the performance of these multifarious duties revealed superhuman energy. Her home is an abode of peace from where she rains benediction all around.

The women devotees living in the surrounding area would not take food till they had darshan of Mother every day in the morning, noon and evening. For darshan they would be waiting, no matter how long. Such was their love. When this routine was interrupted by Mother’s first visit to Madras, these devotees keenly felt the separation.

I was studying in a college. Before proceeding there, I had Mother’s blessings and an assurance of protection. A few days before the completion of my course, the key of my locker which had been entrusted to me by the authorities was missing. In the eyes of the authorities, who were keenly watching all our activities, this loss would have created a bad impression of me. I did not know what to do. My very future was at stake. Though every nook and corner of the house was ransacked, there was no clue to the missing key. I earnestly prayed to Mother and proceeded to the college praying all through. After travelling seventeen miles by train, I pushed through my way amidst crowd. My mind was heavy. I had just placed my foot on the lowest step of the college premises, a sharp metallic sound on the upper step just in front drew my attention. I bent down to see what it was, and lo! It was a key-my lost key No. 16. I looked around, up and down, but nobody was seen. It was mysterious and a thrill passed into my frame and hair stood on its end. Incomprehensible and infinite are Her Leelas, I thought, and mentally I expressed my heartfelt gratitude to the all-merciful Mother.


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