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Anger Curbed

Friday, April 5th, 2019

– Smt. P. K. Narayan


I have a husband and two children who love me dearly and I love them too. But alas! I had a curious trouble. I could not stop my anger which rose up without any reason and caused unnecessary pain to my husband and children. My husband diagnosed this as a disease and tried a thousand cures after consulting many eminent doctors. In this connection I was admitted to the hospital at Trivandrum. Providence led me to a disciple of Mother who was also in the hospital as an inpatient.

She described to me the wonderful divine power that Mother was, and persuaded me to meet Her. So I started with my husband to Mangalore, and during my interview, I opened my heart and laid it bare before Mother. The gracious Mother gave me advice, wonderful and effective, which impressed me deeply. From that day onwards, my anger was calmed, though I could not take pride that the tendency has completely vanished. However, I feel, that I have gained control over it, and whenever the angry mood recurs, remembrance of Mother is found effective to curb it.