-G. Anandaraya Kamath

Our respected ex-secretary Late Basroor Venugopal Rao in his article about the term JAI MATHA has given in detail how this came into vogue amongst the children of Divine Mother.

In October 1965, the first birth anniversary of Rama Sakti Mission was celebrated in Shaktinagar. The name Shaktinagar actually came into usage much later. Late in the evening on that happy day, three senior members of Governing Body went to meet Mother at Her residence in Car Street for some guidance and advice. After the meeting they came down and stood at the gate for a while. Before parting, all greeted each other with a habitual good night.

Mother had come to the balcony and heard this good night. She called them and asked them if they all have so soon forgotten the resolve they had just made a couple of hours ago, that they shall greet only with the words ‘Jai Matha’ every time they meet or part. Brother Sri. Kanaya Panjwani had suggested this and every one had appreciated and accepted the idea. It was very evident that even Mother liked this suggestion.

B V Rao in his article has given in detail how this apparently simple phrase is potent with enormous spiritual significance. When we say ‘Jai Matha’ its superficial meaning is very obvious: glory to Divine Mother.

But on a little deeper contemplation we can perceive that we are addressing the person in front of us as Divine Mother Herself or that we are offering salutations to the Mother in the person. Also when we get back the same ‘Jai Matha’ from that person, we are constrained to remember the Divine within us.

If this attitude is sustained and thereby continuous remembrance of Mother becomes possible that in itself is a great and powerful sadhana.

In addition to this, this Jai Matha is of immense utility for the children of Divine Mother. Amongst the large number of devotees of Divine Mother it may not be possible for us all to know each and every one personally. Circumstances may crop up where we need for any task, personal or otherwise to deal with other devotees of Mother whom we have never met before. In such situations a simple and humble JAI MATHA navigates us through all hurdles.

In the year 1967 or so soon after my graduation I was frantically on the lookout for a good job. Dear Venumaam with whom I was working in Mission office during my college days suggested that I should go to Bombay and shall surely land myself in a decent career. Paying heed to his advice I set out to Bombay a very strange dream land almost an unknown destination for me at that point of time. I had none either to sponsor or provide me a visa to reside in Bombay. I was alone on my adventure. I was relying totally on the directions that Venumam has given me and a few addresses he provided to whom I should meet to achieve my objective.

On reaching Bombay after an eventless journey, I set out to meet Sri. V.K. Kulkarni the joint secretary of Bombay Mandali. 2nd floor, R. K. Building No: 2, L. J. Road, Dadar-14 was his address, if I remember right. With such experienced guidance, I could not make any mistake. To be sure to find him, I reached the place one fine morning, on a public holiday.

Yes, I was right. I read the name on the door ‘V. K. Kulkarni’. Door was closed and absolute silence prevailed around that humble looking small house. Prostrating at the Lotus Feet of Divine Mother mentally, I knocked the door very, very gently, lest I should annoy the insiders. I waited and after a pause the door slit open, just to see who has come. I could see only an eye of a woman.
She almost shouted ‘kya?’
I said in a subdued voice, ‘Kulkarni saab?’
She: ghar me nahi – not at home
Me: kab ayenge? – when will he come?
She: malum nahi- don’t know
Me: thoda deer dekenga- Will wait for some time.
To this, she banged the door shut hard on my face.
Involuntarily, by virtue of habit I happened to blurt out ‘accha, JAI MATHA’

When she heard this Jai Matha, there was a electrifying effect. She burst opened the doors, put on all the switches on her board, light, fan etc. with a very broad ear to ear grin, this short statured woman in a pleading gesture said ‘aayiye, aayiye, andhar aayiye’ – come, come, come inside. ‘Kya Mangalore saye aayehen?’ ‘came from Mangalore?’

I was careful not to display any emotions. She showed me a large sofa to sit and went into her kitchen which is just couple of feet away and I could see her moving about.

Just then my Kulkarni saab, a huge big pahilwan, entered and announced ‘ho hoo Jai Matha, Jai Matha, When did you come?’ His wife rushed out to see this affectionate and bounteous welcome accorded to me by her husband.

He asked her why she did not make tea for me. To this she replied that I told her that I will take tea only with him. And then there came tea and we had it.

Since then wherever and whenever we met either at the Sunday bhajans or elsewhere she used to give me an apologetic smile.


  1. anant pai mumbai says:

    In moments of despair, when all doors of opportunities slam shut on our face, a single utterance of ‘Jai Matha’ open the grand door to all opportunities.

    Truly, Glory to this Mother !

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