Confluence Of Forces

April 13th, 2014

 - Mrs. Amba Nayak (1961)

Of all births the human birth is the best. It accrues as the fruit of well-earned merits in previous lives. Human intellect alone is capable of diving into the secrets of nature and the mystery of creation.

Thus man is endowed with intelligence which can lead him to liberation through righteous conduct. The unerring sense of the righteous in conduct can be instilled only by sadguru. Sadguru is God in manifestation and has to be followed with unswerving devotion. It is difficult to find the sadhaka with the rare quality of devotion. The attributeless, supreme, self-manifesting itself, in a human body, is a great blessing to humanity.

By intuition alone, the fullness and the perfection that is God will be understood. It is the grace of God which makes possible for man to see God’s manifested divinity in the sadguru. It is by bestowing peace and solace that sadguru is bringing about the restoration of dharma in the world. In order to accomplish the establishment of dharma with the tenderness of maternal love, Mother has appeared as sadguru. In order to strengthen the intuitive perceptions for the realization of the supreme, surrender to the spiritual guidance of sadguru is enjoined, in all systems of discipline, since ancient times.

The mother of the universe is herself today among us as sadguru, to confer upon us intuitive apprehension of the nature of truth, and intellectual illumination, which erudition cannot by itself achieve. In this incarnation of divine mother as sadguru there is immense significance of the universality of a love, for which can exist no distinctions, predicated upon considerations like, the scholar and the ignorant, the fortunate and the fallen.

I was the victim of shattering misfortunes and have known the harrowing grief of successive bereavements in the loss of my husband and my son. Their deaths not only withdrew from me prop and support of existence, but also, deprived me of every joy and solace. A lonely soul, having nothing to live for, I was groping in destitution and sorrow. Who but the mother of the universe can bring peace to desolate hearts like mine; eradicate suffering altogether, by enlightenment, which is at once so potent and so profound?

As a result of misfortunes I was in agony. A sense of futility drove me to despair, and in a fit of dejection, I reached the point of terminating a miserable existence. I was in a state of mental collapse and physical exhaustion. My wandering gaze was, however, attracted by a photograph of Mother in a prayer hall in a village of Kallur on the occasion of a bhajan by certain disciples. The more I gazed, the more interested I became in the picture. The captivation of my heart was so complete that I was not aware of the passage of time during the bhajan.

The contemplation of the picture afforded consolation. Its recollection helped to soothe my grief and contributed to a gradual migration of my sorrow. What I learnt about Mother from one of her disciples was encouraging, that she was a refuge of the afflicted. The fascination for her, increased with the passage of days. In mind, the picture stood-out, as that of the visible incarnation of the supreme being. My recollections of the picture increased the intensity of my yearning for actual darsan. I learnt that she was to be at Udipi for a bhajan. To Udipi I went. Soon after commencement of the bhajan, she appeared. I thought I was vouchsafed the darsan of Sri Krishna. In form and features, the correspondence appeared to be complete. I witnessed the loveliness of Sri Krishna; the tender beauty; the seductive charm; the enchanting smile; the intoxicating aroma of Krishna prem. A bhajan like this with its fervour heightened by discourse was first in my experience.

The darsan effected in me a transformation. In my receptivity to spiritualizing impressions, and in my response to Mother’s universal love, I sensed a new consciousness. When later I became her initiated disciple, I was started upon a new life, no more to be rippled by grief or ruptured by bereavements. In her instructions to the disciples, there is indoctrination as to duties. In the actual initiation ceremony, there is transmission of power, for meditation upon supreme reality. Thus there is a confluence of forces in her discipline, namely, the impact of imparted instructions, and the inspiration from transmitted experience. I am one who has been benefited by the resurrecting potency of her initiation and teaching. My life is an exemplification of the transmuting quality of her wonderful prem.

At the Ebb

March 22nd, 2014


My mind goes back to the momentous year 1947. As it was a year of national importance, so was it of personal significance to me since it was the year when I came into contact with Sadguru Sri Ramadevi. My life was beset with trials and tribulations. From my agonized life, faith in God was ebbing away.

It was at that time that I happened to hear about Mother. Longing to have darsan I was not bold enough to seek the permission of my husband to go to Mother. He generally did not favour the idea of my going out for bhajans.

I resorted to silent prayer. One fine morning, to my surprise my husband himself asked me to go to Mother and told me that I might find peace. My faith in divine mercy returned to me.

As soon as I was in the bhajan hall in the house of the Mother, fragrance greeted me. Surrounded by devotees sat Mother in holy communion. The majesty of the presence connoted divinity.

From that day my affinity for Mother grew. She brought about a radical change in my life, seeing which, my husband was greatly surprised. My husband took ill owing to nervous breakdown. In a state of agony I wept and prayed before the photo of Mother. “ O refuge of the miserable, the protector of devotees, desert me not.”

The gate of my house was heard being opened. It was Mother who was approaching. Smiling she walked straight-away into our house. She did not remain for long. She blessed my husband and assured relief. That was enough. There was no more cause of grief. Within a few days my husband recovered. It was a wonder to medical men who were treating him.


February 2nd, 2014

 - Sri. Ramanuja Menon (1961)

One day, a friend of ours came and told my wife and me that Sadguru Sri Rama Devi of Tellicherry was at Pushpagiri Park holding spiritual discourses and bhajans. He was very keen, that we should go there and be blessed with the Mother’s darshan. To tell the truth we rather ignored his words at first. Though we were religious by nature we were not seriously in quest of a guru. But there was inner urge prompting us to go and see the Mother and so we accompanied our friend. We reached the beautiful mansion, Pushpagiri Park and joined the large gathering of devotees in the big hall awaiting Mother’s darshan.

A few minutes went by when all rose from their seats and we had the first sight of Mother. Even from that distance to our bewildering joy, a tender glance of blessing was directed towards us. Mother’s sweet smile burst on us, enrapturing us. Mother had not spoken to us but in a single moment she had drawn us to her in reverential surrender.

We returned home. We were filled with the thought of her. It brought waves of joy. We longed for the next day to dawn so that we could again see her. We became her humble worshippers; later we became her disciples. Numerous are the instances of her boundless blessing and love for us. A word of prayer was enough and she hastened to give succour. To our mothers who were ailing, we believe, she granted eternal peace, when their ends came.

In the path of life when tribulations beset us, infinite is her love, infinite her patience and understanding. Out of all troubles and trials, her unerring guidance leads us on, illumining our path. To us she is the great Mother-Bhagawathy, the be-all and end-all of our existence. No other divinity exists for us.

In the sublime shrine at Trichur where Mother had installed Sri Rama and Krishna, we feel the divine sakthi of Mother as we feel nowhere else. Many times we attained the needed solace and peace in that holy shrine, making us realise the divine presence there. Our humble prayers are to make us purer and purer that we may live a life of complete surrender dedicated to the service of Mother.

The Fourfold Blessing

January 19th, 2014

- M. Narayanan Unni,  M. A. B. L Advocate, Madras High Court, Camp: Honolulu, U. S.

Divine Mother Rama Devi is the bestower on devotees of manifold blessings. Four of such blessings would be uppermost in the mind of the recipients. They are the Blessing of enlightenment; the Blessing of bringing persons of varying outlook to a regime governed by the law of love; the Blessing in the form of attunement to internal harmony and external concord; and the Blessing bestowing on spiritual aspirants of whatever denomination the untold benefits of  austerity.

The Advent of Divine Mother is therefore not only the advent of the Guru par excellence. It is also the advent of the star of enlightenment in human consciousness. Through the faculty of the intellect that is in every one, by the grace of Divine Mother, there will be efflorescence in the form of Enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment? Enlightenment is the knowledge that underlying the ever-changing phenomena of external objects and the inner phenomena of ever-changing thoughts and emotions, there is Reality, which does not change and that Reality is the true self.

The physical body of sensations is veritably a shrine where the eternal and the ephemeral subsist together. Mother teaches that in the highest plane of man’s physical embodiment, there is divinity abiding within man himself, reachable by the practice of the law of love.

When persons begin to think and act humanely, then works of charity, justice and generosity will be resulting spontaneously. Based on this dictum is Mother’s teaching that practice of love by individuals will lead to harmonious social relationships.

Harmony leads to the realization of self. Realization of self will lead to the intellectual conviction of the possibility of achieving universal brotherhood, in which all selves partake and participate. As one practices the law of love adumbrated by Mother for adoption in day to day living, one would have to preserve harmony in domestic and social relationships.

A true realization of self is naturally followed by a profounder conviction of universal brotherhood. The law of love as expounded by Mother is both merciful and just. It is just in the sense that it works from within oneself to those outside in the world around. As we send out thoughts and feelings of love, on the basis of universal brotherhood which is a subsisting reality, so shall we reap the effects in goodwill towards ourselves from all directions.

From the definition of love as the basis of universal brotherhood and the promoter of mutual goodwill, Mother enjoins upon disciples and devotees especially, individual responsibility of setting in operation right thoughts and just sentiments as correctives to imbalances and imperfections wherever existing, in the society in which they are placed. Mother envisions each devotee and disciple of Her moving in the direction of Higher Self, in each of them, under Her aegis and directions, thus becoming several centres radiating light and love and peace and joy.

In some respects, the greatest blessing from Divine Mother is in inclining minds to the practice of austerity. What is the austerity prescribed by Mother? It is the discipline of training and cleansing the mind, curbing the senses, restraining capricious inclinations, not giving way to appetites and agitations, all the time cultivating the virtues and refining the moral nature to the best of one’s ability. This is the dispensation of Divine Mother. He who lives according to this dispensation will be in contact with Her divine guidance, Her divine vibrations and Her divine inspirations.

Mother has issued the warning that harmony and concord achieved through patience and perseverance, are liable to be endangered because, among spiritual aspirants, even among advanced sadhakas, by reason of their individual temperaments and characteristic tendencies, there will arise differences in opinions and diversity in outlook. When opinions clash and viewpoints differ one from the other, the unity will be broken, the harmony will be disrupted, bringing about as results thereof discord and disorder. Discord will give rise to mutual recriminations and adverse criticism of one another. Disagreements will thereupon occur and the tenets of the teaching may come to be jeopardized, violated, ignored and even forgotten.

Therefore, to avoid clash of opinion and conflict of personality fraught with disruptive consequences, Mother teaches that personal differences among spiritual aspirants should not be made much of; they should be forgotten. To make progress on the path of spirituality, the practitioners of discipline under the guidance of Mother should remain staunchily united in the upholding of Her tenets, in their promulgation and in their propagation. They should learn to disregard the shortcomings and at the same time, appreciate virtues. In the outer plane of their nature, they should exhibit bounty, generosity, patience and humility. In the inner plane, they should practice the threefold austerities in order to preserve and promote harmony and concord.

The threefold austerities are:

  1. The austerity of body consisting in purity, rectitude, charity and harmlessness;
  2. The austerity of speech consisting in speech that is truthful, friendly, gentle and courteous, causing no anxiety, no animosity, no anguish to any one, at any time;
  3. The austerity of mind consisting in serenity, self-restraint, sincerity and straightforwardness.

May the fourfold blessings of Enlightenment, Love, Harmony and Austerity result in clearer perceptions in the increasing number of Her devotees and disciples. With gift of higher knowledge, may She give corresponding motivations which are above selfish considerations. May she make us master every crisis through clearer vision and deeper understanding of Her glory and Her grace.